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Engineering services in Lausanne

Numerical simulations (ANSYS) - 3D design (Inventor) - Analytical models (Matlab/Octave/Scilab)
Web programming - Internet solutions

Design and Analytical calculations

  • Feasibility studies, preliminary mechanical design
  • Analytical modeling of mechanical and thermal systems
  • Script programming for automation of processes
  • Data analysis and automatic graph generation
  • Geometry calculation of mechanical components sumitted to external constraints

Numerical simulation

  • Study of stress and strain on mechanical components under load constraints
  • Determination of self-modes & eigenfrequencies for parts and assemblies
  • Buckling analysis
  • Dynamic behavior of assemblies composed of rigid and/or flexible bodies
  • Static and dynamic calculations of watch subsystems
  • Simulation of thermal behavior of mechanical parts
  • Fatigue analysis of mechanical components
  • Fluid dynamics studies
  • Part optimization, weight and cost reduction for 3D printing
  • Nonlinear behavior (plasticity, shape memory alloys, Nitinol)

CAD design

  • Mechanical parts and assemblies design for conventional manufacturing or 3D printing
  • 3D modeling, drawings


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